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Amos Lapp founded ALL Renovation & Design LLC in 2006 with a simple goal: to serve his clients through a high level of craftsmanship in all areas of construction and remodeling. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in southcentral PA achieve the home of their dreams. Coming from an Amish background, Amos has always enjoyed the hard work and details that are involved in making a project come to life. Our team of skilled cabinetmakers, carpenters, and finishers now bring that passion to every project. We painstakingly sweat over every last detail, so that the finished product exceeds your expectations.

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Core Values and Vision


At ALL Renovation & Design LLC, we stand behind our work with one of the best guarantees in the business. We stress our quality in workmanship from the beginning of the job until the end. With this in mind, we guarantee our workmanship from defects for up to 10 years from the date the work is performed. If you run into a problem with the work we’ve completed we’ll be there to fix the problem.


- A reputation of trustworthiness
- Focus on excellence in performance and follow through
- We are people of action.


- Intelligent design
- Proactive problem solving
- Fresh perspective
- Adaptable solutions


- Responsible communication – neither too much nor too little
- Active listening
- Establish clear up-front expectations


- Respectful attitude and speech
- Personal awareness
- Treat everyone as an “I-10”


- Loyal and dependable to one another and to our customers
- Knowing that we are part of a bigger purpose
- Shared success and shared responsibility


- A team of leaders focusing on excellence in performance while building long lasting relationships
- Continuous incremental growth, both personally and professionally
- Follow a consistent and intentional process – Plan, Do, Study, Adjust
- To be a light in the community through our action

Passion: To serve and build long lasting relationships with our customers, employees, and community, by creating an outstanding experience that enhances life, health and happiness.

Niche: Enhancing spaces with integrity through a comfortable, enjoyable process.

Guarantee: A professional timely process hitting the mark every time!

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