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4 Steps To Follow For A Successful Home Remodeling Process

Whether it’s your first time working on a home remodeling project or your tenth, having a process helps manage your expectations and lays out the next steps for every phase. Without a plan and process, it’s easy for scopes of work, timeline, and budgets to quickly go awry. Working with the team at ALL Renovation and Design LLC ensures your home remodeling process will go smoothly to plan, but whatever your home remodeling plan is, we have 4 steps for you to follow to keep things on track. 

1. Vet Remodeling Contractors and Professionals You Can Trust.

ALL Renovation and Design is a trustworthy partner to choose for those in the Lancaster, PA area (check out our many testimonials). But if you’re not local, you can still find a partner you can work with.

Questions to Ask Your Remodel Team

The first step in any remodeling project is to wisely choose the team that will assist you. Vet local professionals and consider the following: 

  1. What is their availability and timeline?
  2. How much do their services cost?
  3. Do they understand my vision and goals? 
  4. Does their previous work and reviews speak to the type of work I want done in my home?

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2. Schedule Your In-Home Walk-Thru and Consultation to Translate Your Ideas and Wants.

Once you find a remodeling contractor to work with, communicating to this team exactly what you want done and your goals with the remodel project is important. For professionals like ALL Renovation and Design, we will schedule an in-home walk-thru of the space you are planning to redesign to see what we have to work with and to ensure everything you want done is doable. We encourage you to work with your remodeling contractor in your home before approving designs to make sure your project, ideas, and designs are on track and doable.

3. Design and Watch the New Remodel Begin.

Now comes the fun part: we’re going to figure out the design together! Some businesses offer renderings and 3D models of your new space to help you envision the final product. Others will create mood boards or inspiration pieces that pull in the design elements you desire to use. Depending on your vision, your design team can be very involved in the design or more supportive to your ideas. 

You will have the opportunity to approve your remodel design, regardless of who you work with. Once approved, your remodeling contractor should also give you an estimated timeline for how long the work will take and what to expect in the following weeks.

One note to keep in mind…

Timelines do change due to unexpected discoveries along the way, but the timeline is meant to give you an idea of the workload! A good remodeling company will ensure the bumps along the way don’t cause the project to come crashing down.

Chamness Living Room Remodel & Kitchen Remodel

4. Watch Your Space Transform!

As the next few weeks progress, you’ll see your space take on a whole new look, from design, restoration and repair. At ALL Renovation & Design, we love the transformation process, showcasing all of the elements that have come into play up to this point: picking products, designing the layout, etc.

We encourage you to take before and after photos or pictures throughout the whole process. This is a great way to capture the entire project and really appreciate how far along things have come. And it is always fun to look through and remember the time you got to add to your dream home.

Ready to Start Your Remodel or Renovation? 

ALL Renovation and Design would love to help! If you are in the Central Pennsylvania area (Lancaster, Harrisburg, Hershey, Lebanon) and are looking for a partner to bring your remodeling dreams to life, contact our team today

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