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8 Popular Features of Custom Decks in Lancaster, PA

After a summer of backyard parties and late-night barbecues at their friend’s homes, some homeowners start to imagine how they might use a custom deck for their own home. After all, there’s nothing like spending a beautiful spring day or summer evening outdoors on your deck! In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the popular features in deck design. Whether you’re just starting to think about your deck project or already well underway, read on for some inspiration!

1. Built-In Seating for Your Custom Deck

One trend in deck design is incorporating built-in seating. This can take many forms, from simple benches to more elaborate built-ins that include storage or even a bar top, which is a great addition if you are thinking of an outdoor kitchen. Built-in seating is a great way to make your deck more functional and comfortable for entertaining.

2. Multi-Level Decks

Another popular trend is multi-level decks. This can add interest and depth to your deck space and can be a great way to incorporate different functions into one area. For example, you could have a lower level for lounging and relaxation and an upper level for dining or entertaining.

Having a custom deck feature like this is also great if you intend to have large groups coming to your home for events, or even if you have a big family. 

Finished Deck Photo Exterior Project

3. Functional Extras

In addition to built-in seating, another trend is incorporating other functional extras into your deck design. This might include things like an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, or even a hot tub!

Adding these kinds of features can take your deck to the next level in terms of both function and style. Plus, it brings a desire to spend more time outdoors than indoors, which is typically one of the (many) reasons homeowners decide to improve their current decks or build custom decks.

4. Natural Materials

When it comes to materials, there is a trend toward using more natural materials. This might include things like wood, stone, or even bamboo. Using natural materials can help to create a more relaxing and organic feel for your deck space.

Finished Deck Photo Exterior Project

5. Mixed Materials

Another popular trend is using different materials for the flooring, rails, and other elements of the deck. For example, you might use concrete pavers for the flooring and add wood or composite railings. This can give your deck a unique look that stands out from the rest.

6. Sustainability Features for Your Custom Deck

Sustainability is also becoming an important consideration for many homeowners regarding their deck design. There are several ways to make your deck more sustainable, from using recycled materials to choosing products with a low environmental impact.

7. Lattice or Privacy Panels

If you’re looking for ways to add privacy to your deck, consider screening or lattice panels. These can be added to the rails or built into the deck. Screening can provide privacy and wind protection, while lattice panels can add a decorative touch.

8. LED Lighting

Finally, a common upgrade for decks in Lancaster, PA, is LED lighting, one of the most popular trends in deck design. LED lights are versatile and can highlight different areas of the deck, create ambiance, or provide additional safety at night. There are many ways to incorporate LED lighting into your deck design, so talk to our designers about all the options.


That’s just a brief overview of some common features and trends in deck design. If you’re ready to start planning your custom deck, call ALL Renovation & Design LLC today! Our designers will be able to help you bring your vision to life and make sure your deck is everything you’ve been dreaming of.

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