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Are Outdoor Kitchens Still Worth the Investment? 2024 Update

The concept of the outdoor kitchen has soared in popularity throughout the years, transforming backyards into hubs of culinary creativity and social gatherings. Beyond just a grill and a picnic table, outdoor kitchens have evolved into fully equipped culinary spaces, offering a plethora of benefits that extend far beyond the confines of indoor cooking.

But here’s our question: Is it still worth investing in an outdoor kitchen?

Read the information below for ALL’s top reasons for an outdoor kitchen space, as well as a few cons to look at and some additional tips about getting started with your outdoor update in 2024.

Expand Your Living Space

Outdoor kitchens effectively extend your living area beyond the walls of your home, providing an inviting space for relaxation, entertainment, and culinary adventures. Whether it’s a weekday meal or a weekend barbecue, the outdoor kitchen creates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living, allowing you to fully embrace nature while enjoying the comforts of home.

As you are expanding your living space, your outdoor kitchen area is a blank slate! Meaning, you’ll be able to design this area how you envision and with the tools and style you would like to utilize. What do you like to cook in your brand new outdoor kitchen? How big is this kitchen going to be compared to the rest of your backyard space?

Fisher Outdoor Hardscape & Remodel Project outdoor firepit fireplace Pennsylvania Birdsboro PA

Unleash Culinary Creativity

Cooking outdoors opens a world of culinary possibilities, allowing you to experiment with flavors, techniques, and ingredients while still being able to enjoy the cool summer evenings. From grilling steaks to baking wood-fired pizzas in a brick oven, the outdoor kitchen empowers you to explore new culinary horizons and impress your guests with unforgettable meals infused with smoky, charred goodness. Who doesn’t love a good, savory experiment?

Enhance Social Interaction

The outdoor kitchen serves as a natural gathering spot, fostering meaningful connections and memorable moments with family and friends. Whether you’re hosting a summer soirée or a cozy winter barbecue, the relaxed ambiance of the outdoor kitchen encourages lively conversation, laughter, and shared experiences, creating lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Your new favorite space can easily be utilized as a lounging space for your guests as you include pergolas, patios or built-in seating! There are many designs and ideas for this. Ask our sales and design team members if you’re in need of input for this area of your home. 

Increase Your Property’s Value

Yes! Your outdoor kitchen space adds a lot of value to your home, and we’re talking about financially as well. In today’s real estate market, outdoor living spaces are highly sought after, with many homebuyers placing a premium on properties that offer the convenience and luxury of an outdoor kitchen. By adding this desirable feature to your home, you can significantly increase its resale value and attract potential buyers looking for the ultimate in outdoor living.

If you search online for your return on investment for an outdoor kitchen, you will find varying statistics, but almost all of them say there can be a 200% or more ROI on new outside kitchen renovations and additions. So if you plan on selling your home within the next few years, adding this addition to your backyard will help get your house on and off the market, especially in Lancaster County, PA.

Cons to an Outdoor Kitchen

For the outdoor space to be utilized as a kitchen, there can be a few upfront cons. Mainly, investing in the building (or renovating) can end up costing upwards of $20,000 or more depending on the designs and what all is included in the space.

Another con is space. The size of your backyard can drastically change your design and what you would like to include in your kitchen. If you’re looking for a large kitchen area and all the gadgets and appliances, keep in mind that it is best if you have a bigger outdoor space to begin with. Connect with your local outdoor remodeler with any questions about this and to see what the possibilities are regarding your current space. 

Fisher Outdoor Living Project in Birdsboro, PA, Pennsylvania Patio Remodel Home Patio Deck Hardscape Pool

A Few Tips if You Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Congrats! You want to build an outdoor kitchen. How do you get started?

First, figure out exactly what you want in your new outdoor kitchen. Why are you looking at this in the first place? Is this going to be a place just for grilling or are you planning on a full kitchen? What additions are you looking at?

Second, review your space and your budget. Do you have the means to have an outdoor kitchen? As a homeowner, this is an exciting opportunity to turn your backyard into the perfect space for both guests and yourself for cooking, eating and socializing. Know what you are willing to invest in regard to backyard space.

Third, consider additional hardscaping ideas. What does your garden space look like, or do you want to have a new patio design?

What Should You Include in Your New Outdoor Kitchen?

There is a plethora of awesome upgrades you can include in your upcoming renovation. Looking for ideas to get started with? Here are a few suggestions.

Take a look at this project we helped with a few years ago in Birdsboro, PA. This exterior project includes an outdoor kitchen and is a great place to begin looking at inspiration.

We recommend knowing how you want to utilize this outdoor kitchen space, and from there decide what to include and not include in your design. Do you want a dining space for your guests? How often will you make brick-oven pizzas or grill or make salad? Would you like a space where you can keep all your cool items or just items that need to be in a cabinet?

In more of our recent projects, people have had a variety of appliances they chose from. Here are some of our top ideas:


Outdoor firepits


Sink areas and countertops

Miniature refrigerators for underneath the countertops

Bar setups

New decks

Dining areas

Reach Out to Your Lancaster-Based Outdoor Kitchen Contractor

You may know we remodel kitchens and bathrooms, but did you know we can also help you with your outdoor projects as well? If you are looking for help with design ideas, developing a budget, and getting started on your exterior projects, ALL Renovation & Design is here to help. Let’s set up a time to have a phone consultation, and then we will take you through the rest of the renovation process.

Our initial phone call will help us determine if we’re a good fit for your outdoor kitchen project. The next step is an in-home consultation, where we’ll dig deeper into the details of your plan and listen to your goals. From there, we will begin to formulate a plan and budget that aligns with your dreams and goals for your outdoor kitchen.

Looking for additional outdoor living designs? We can help with that as well! Enjoy your backyard more by adding an updated deck, home exterior, retaining wall, play area, sunroom, and more.

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