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6 Best Renovations to Prioritize that Increase Home Value

If you are a homeowner, you probably spend at least some time thinking about the value of your home. Tracking home values can be stressful in this fluctuating market, but this article provides strategies to keep the number going up.

At ALL Renovation and Design, we’d like to share some of the best renovations to increase home value.

While we know you’ve seen plenty of projects in Remodeling Magazine and online, a lot of these ideas may not be feasible for your home. Regardless of your square footage or location, the following projects are reliable ways to increase the value of your home without breaking the bank.

1. Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen can be one of the most expensive and involved rooms to remodel in your home, but it can also have the biggest reward. A modern, well-designed kitchen is a guaranteed eye-catcher and can attract buyers at a high rate. If you’re looking for kitchen remodel experts in Lancaster, PA, we can help.

The kitchen can also let your sense of design run the wildest. Choosing a suitable material and design for your counter is crucial. Integrating metal tones with light fixtures can build on the overall color scheme and make the effect even more impressive.

When planning a kitchen remodel, it’s essential not to overdo it. A minor refresh of your kitchen, focusing on outdated or worn-out areas, can save you a lot of money and have the same impact on your home value as a total redesign.

Roberts Interior Renovation in Stewartstown, PA Kitchen Renovation

2. Solar Panels

Solar energy is hot with home buyers for several reasons. Depending on your location, solar panels can give you complete freedom from your electricity bill. You could even profit by selling energy back to the power company. Solar panels can play a big part in helping your property stand out from the crowd.

Potential buyers who care about the environment will also find solar panels an attractive feature, and the peace of mind they can offer can translate to profit when you sell.

3. Windows

Your windows are another critical feature of your house. Cracked or worn window panes or sills can make your home look much older than it is, and the consequences of old windows go far beyond the visual impact.

The quality of your windows can also have a sizable impact on your energy bill, as double-pane windows can improve the insulation of your house dramatically. This means you’ll have to spend less time with the heater or air conditioner on and can also keep the average temperature of the home more comfortable.

Natural light is also an essential factor to consider when re-doing your windows. Ensuring that every room from your home office to your living room is fully bathed in sunlight throughout the day will make your home pop in pictures and in-person walkthroughs.

4. Accessibility Upgrades

Depending on the demographics of your area, exploring accessibility modifications for those using wheelchairs or with other disabilities can be one of the best renovations to increase home value. Older home buyers will see the value in purchasing a home that will allow them to maintain comfort as they age, and it gives you a chance to differentiate your property from others on the market.

5. Updated Siding

Replacing the siding on your home is one of the most transformative projects you can undertake. Whether you choose vinyl or fiber-cement, you’re sure to recoup a large portion of your investment by increasing property value. This project also allows you to select a color currently popular in the market, which can improve your chances of making a positive first impression.

Trimble Bathroom Remodel Bathroom Renovation

6. Bathroom Remodel

While not the flashiest room in the house, the bathroom is a place we all spend time in each day. It’s also the part of your house most susceptible to wear, as the moisture and steam can cause mold and mildew to build up on tiles and grout.

Fresh tiles and counters will make an impression on potential buyers and turn a maybe into a sale. Timeless colors like grays and blues are most popular, but don’t be afraid to get creative. Speak to one of ALL RD’s expert staff today to learn more about bathroom remodeling.

Get Started

Now that you’ve learned about so many of the best renovations to increase home value, it’s time to get started. First, start slow and keep your projects manageable so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Second, make a firm budget and stick to it; remember that these projects are investments and stay focused on the goal.

Lastly, make sure to choose a professional you can trust to handle each job, as a poorly done job can impact your home value negatively. For quality results every time in Lancaster, PA, call ALL Renovation and Design at 717-665-0470.

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