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Deighan’s Fiestaware Kitchen Remodel

Wyomissing, PA –

Mrs. Deighan loved to cook, but hated her kitchen. It was nonfunctional, inefficient, and an eyesore. The sink was in the corner under low cabinets. The awkwardly placed fridge made it impractical for the entire family to be working together.

And that was a big deal. She wanted a beautiful place to cook and entertain.

The cramped space, the old, brown plywood cabinets were falling apart. The cabinets were so low, that the under-cabinet lighting was useless. The kitchen was dark. The previous owners had updated the flooring, but only by putting uglier tiles over the old vinyl. And the ceiling had a leak stain.

It was time for a big change. The Deighan’s called Amos from ALL Renovation & Design.

Amos’s many successful remodeling projects done for them over the years had forged a friendship that made him the obvious contractor of choice. Amos sat down with them and asked them to make a dream kitchen list.

If budget were of no concern, what would the space look like?

Once the Deighan’s had their list, Amos helped them to evaluate each investment, taking into consideration the age and value of the home. Then, Amos presented a plan that fit perfectly in the Deighan’s budget.

  • The basic U-shaped kitchen layout stayed the same.
  • Modern, creamy white custom cabinets replaced the dark plywood cabinets.
  • The fridge moved to make space for more cabinets.

The biggest challenge was moving the laundry room wall a few feet. Moving it was necessary to add more space, but, since the wall was load-bearing, moving it required extra attention. It was worth it. Extra space allowed the counter to extend and the sink to move.

After the hard work ended, the reason for the transformation became reality.

Now “we can have the whole family in there comfortably and working together,” Mrs. Deighan said. She loves her kitchen. Especially the windowed cabinets that show off her fiestaware.

And when you see the beautiful St. Cecilia granite countertops, with Milstone Sari porcelain mosaic tile backsplash, maple flat-panel cabinets with under-cabinet lighting, and all new appliances including a double oven, you will see why she does.

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