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Everything You Need to Know for Your Kitchen Remodel in 2024

Your kitchen is one of the most important pieces to your home. It’s the place of commotion, cooking, and comradery for most families. At least four or five times a day (typically way more if you have a large family) people prep and share meals, which makes both the benefits and the pains of the kitchen noticeable consistently. 

If you have been thinking about expanding your kitchen, remodeling it, or even adding an island to it, this is the year! It’s exciting to begin planning and thinking about your future kitchen design. However, what is exciting for some homeowners causes others to get anxious. We know the feeling.

In this blog post, we’re going to lay out what all to be considering for your kitchen remodel and how to get started. Don’t forget to view our kitchen remodel checklist, too! Start reading below to prepare for your upcoming remodel.

Kitchen Renovation and Design with an Open Space Area for the Peters family.


Kitchen Renovation and Design with an Open Space Area for the Peters family.

Kitchen Designs, Styles, and Ideas

If you love being creative and using your imagination, this is going to be your favorite part! Gathering ideas and knowing what you want included (or not included) with your kitchen remodel can be exciting because there are so many color schemes, layouts, backsplashes, flooring patterns, and more to start including in your plan.

However, this again can be one of the more tedious parts because there are so many color schemes, layouts, backsplashes, flooring patterns, and more, to start including in your plan.

Don’t begin stressing out yet! We recommend using Pinterest to begin collecting your ideas in one spot. You can throw every idea into one big folder, or you can organize your board to include backsplash ideas, flooring ideas, kitchen appliances/cool technology, and colors. Check out our blog post on 2024 trends to find some of these great kitchen upgrades!

What’s the Size of Your Kitchen?

Time to get out the measuring tape!

Knowing the size of your kitchen is going to help in your remodel so you can figure out the layout you desire. It can also help you decide whether to expand your kitchen or maintain the size you have. Keep in mind your budget during this process, since having a larger kitchen typically will be higher in costs for your remodel job.

At this point it is also good to figure out a general idea of the kitchen design layout you would like. Some of the top layout ideas to consider would be a kitchen design with an island, an open kitchen design, areas for appliances like your microwave and coffee maker, cabinet layout, and more. Consider what is going to be most functional for you and your family’s needs to make this kitchen remodel perfect the first time around!

Getting Your Kitchen Remodel/Renovation Started Right

Again, let’s get your kitchen remodel right the first time. It’s always important to find the right people for the job, to know what your investment and budget can allow, and making sure everything is thought of ahead of time.

Know Your Budget

Is a kitchen remodel worth the investment?

Although you may not see 100% ROI on your project, a kitchen remodel is a good investment whether you’re planning to move out of that house soon or if it’s your lifetime home. Just keep in mind that a project like this will cost money. How much does it cost to remodel your kitchen? That is going to depend on materials, labor, and quality service.

It’s good to be considering a budget when planning out your kitchen remodel, even if it’s general. A budget helps you focus. This is going to allow to you begin saying “yes” or “no” to certain parts of your project. Not only should you be considering the remodel itself in your budget, but keep in mind that you should also include permits, change-orders (when you decide to change something mid-project), unexpected costs, and more.

Dave Ramsey shares budgeting tips for your kitchen renovation on his website for those that are exploring cost-effective kitchen solutions.

Ness Addition and Basement Renovation Remodel Lancaster, PA

Choosing Your Kitchen Remodel Contractors

Knowing who to hire for your kitchen remodel is essential starting on the right foot. Kitchen remodel designers and contractors can always be a little tricky to find, especially one that is going to be right for your job, circumstances and budget. You can learn more about how to choose the right contractor for your job in one of our previous blog posts, but here are some important tips to keep in mind:

1. What are there ratings and reviews like?

Chances are, people either do or don’t love the company, and people will always be eager to share why that is the case. Always look for companies that have 5-star reviews.

2. How long have they been around?

It’s always good to connect with companies that have been around longer and know the ins and outs of working with customers. Search for companies that have been around for five or more years, although we recommend searching for companies that have been around at least ten to fifteen years.

3. Do you feel heard?

When you’re connecting with contractors about designing and remodeling your kitchen, how do you feel when you talk with them? A good company will be sure to listen to your needs and wants for your kitchen remodel, and make you feel like family when you connect with them.

The Processes of Designers and Remodelers

When you begin working with professionals for your kitchen design and remodel, it’s important to know what their process looks like for your design. A good, professional contractor will keep you in the loop on how your kitchen design is coming along. They should also be answering any questions or concerns you may have. They should also be keeping you in the design process as their goal is to fulfill your needs, not their own.

When working with ALL Renovation & Design, here is what you can expect from us:

1. We’ll chat on the phone.

We believe that every project we undertake should be a win-win. To accomplish that, we first must listen. During this initial phone conversation, our staff will listen and ask follow-up questions to better understand what your plans, goals, budget, and dreams are for your remodel. We’ll also review our process with you and set expectations for what we can bring to the project.

2. We will set up an in-home consultation.

During this first in-person meeting, our staff will walk through your home, take measurements, and further discuss your goals and must-haves for the kitchen remodel. We’ll review any structural limitations or additional work that would need to happen to make your remodel a success. By the end of this meeting, we will determine if the project is feasible, can be done within your budget, and can be completed within your desired timeframe.

3. We will set up a design agreement and a project plan.

We’ve discovered that projects flow better when everything is selected before construction begins. Our capable designers will walk you through the selection process, which can occur in our showroom, at a vendor’s showroom, or in your home. During this time, we’ll also begin the permitting and zoning process to uncover potential issues that could affect the project’s feasibility.

A signed design agreement and a small, non-refundable financial commitment are required to start this process.

When the design process is completed, we will provide a detailed Project Plan, which includes all your selections, color schemes, ideas and visuals, the project start date, expected duration, final costs, and all options/allowances. Once you sign the Project Plan contract and provide a deposit payment, we will move on to construction.

4. Construction begins!

We understand how inconvenient a renovation or construction project can be for you and your family; at times, it feels like your home is being invaded. That’s why we work hard to minimize our impact on the rest of your home. We will barricade the work site as much as we can, even erecting temporary walls if necessary. During construction, you can expect to hear from our team members at least twice a day, letting you know the progress of the work and the plan for the next day of work. He will always be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

5. We will follow up.

After the project is complete, we will have a final walkthrough of the jobsite. We want to ensure you are 100% completely satisfied with our work, and we will call in our staff to fix something on the spot if we find something.

We’ll also reach out to you 3 and 6 months after the project to see how you are enjoying your new space. And if you ever have any questions or need repairs, we are just a phone call away.

Rothwein Kitchen Remodel

Here Is Your Kitchen Remodel Checklist

Let’s face it—this is a pretty long blog. We set up a checklist to keep your remodel simple. Email us at for your free, downloadable kitchen remodel checklist. 

Ready to get started on your kitchen remodel? Reach out to ALL Renovation & Design today for more information on how to get started with your upcoming project!

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