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Home Design Trends for 2024

It’s February, and we’re already seeing popular design trends for 2024. These trends are being seen across the United States and are appearing throughout Southern Pennsylvania. Here are some we have noticed popping up for the Lancaster, PA area.

Colors Are Warming Up.

Say goodbye to the greys! Neutral tones will be coming back into style for paint and stone. Sherwin-Williams, HGTV Home, Pantone have selected a variety of light browns, yellows, and off-whites for colors to be seen this year in the home. We will also begin to find greens, blues, and purples found for earthy, colorful tones.

More Natural Wood Tones Will Show Up in Cabinetry.

We love au-natural looks! Although there will be some painted cabinets (that go well with the last trend listed) most of what we see will be a lot more natural wood cabinets, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Some of our customers have already implemented this design in their homes, and we love what we have seen so far!

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Wood Flooring Colors are Lightening Up. 

This is the year for light wood flooring colors. Light colored floors and popular in the southern United States and are even used for more of a coastal/beach house aesthetic, but this idea of light wood flooring will be seen throughout homes in Lancaster, PA, as renovations and remodels happen throughout the year. According to Elmwood, this is a trend “that embodies minimalist elegance”, so if you love the idea of minimalism and clean-feeling spaces, this is the trend for you!

Monochromatic Painting Will Be Popular.

Walls, trims and doors will all be the same colors for many newly designed remodels. It is likely the most popular of the 2024 trends, as well. This trend of monochromatic painting goes well with the colors that will be seen throughout the year (many of those colors are listed above). The monochromatic painting will also be seen with some cabinetry and shelving, so it’s not only the walls, trims and doors that will match.

What Will You Choose?

We love seeing these new 2024 trends for homes, so what will you decide to use in your home this year? Whatever you choose (even if it’s not currently a “trend”) we can ensure that we can help you with the process. Decide on what your dream home will include, whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen, basement, or bedroom remodel. We guarantee that we will listen to and follow through with your individualized desires.

Start the process with us today by learning more about us or by contacting us. We are happy to connect with you!

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