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How to Plan Your Home Remodeling Project in Lancaster, PA

Are you in the process of planning a home remodeling project? If so, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed right about now. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to remodeling your home, but don’t worry—you’re not alone in this!

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the basic first steps and what you need to do to plan a successful home remodeling project, from setting a budget to choosing the right contractor. So whether you’re planning a simple kitchen update or a complete home renovation, read on for some helpful tips.

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Define The Scope Of Your Remodeling Project 

The first step in any remodeling project is defining the scope of the work. Why did you want to begin a remodeling project in the first place?

What do you want to accomplish with the project? What rooms do you want to remodel? What features do you want to add or remove?

Once you have a clear idea of what work needs to be done, you can start developing a budget and timeline for the project.

Establish Your Budget 

The next step in your home remodeling project is to set a budget. Determine how much you can afford to spend on the project, and then allocate those funds accordingly. Keep in mind that unexpected costs can pop up during a remodel, so it’s a good idea to add 10-20% to your total budget to account for these unforeseen expenses.

Sometimes when you are mid-project, you or your remodeling contractor may put in a change-order, so it’s great to have a “splurge” portion on your budget as well. This allows for maximum creativity and fun when designing your remodel.

Choose Your Contractor Carefully

Once you’ve set your budget, it’s time to start looking for contractors. We have another blog post that goes into detail about how to choose the best remodeling contractor, and an additional blog post that goes over how to choose a good deck builder. However, this is the summary of what the blogs both say:

When choosing a contractor, be sure to read reviews on multiple sites; don’t just rely on the testimonials on a contractor’s website, as these could be biased. Look for common themes in the reviews; if multiple reviewers mention the same issue, it’s likely something you’ll want to inquire about.

Question about your contractor’s licensing status and whether they carry liability insurance; this will protect you in case of any accidents during the renovation process. Ask to see proof of both before moving forward with hiring anyone. 

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Create a Timeline for You and Your Remodeling Contractor

After you’ve chosen your contractor and finalized your project details, it’s time to create a timeline. Work with your contractor to determine how long the project will take and what milestones need to be met along the way. Then, create a realistic timeline that considers potential delays (like inclement weather or material shortages).

Keep in mind that the time of year may also delay or speed up your timeline. If you’re looking at a specific project that is best done in the summertime, know that summertime (and the end of spring/beginning of fall) can be some of the busiet times for renovation and remodeling companies. Is this a project that can be accomplished when weather is not as great, like in the winter?


Planning a home remodeling project can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. By following these simple tips—setting a budget, choosing your contractor carefully, and creating a timeline—you can ensure that your project goes smoothly from start to finish. And if you ever feel overwhelmed during the planning process, don’t hesitate to call us at (717) 665-0470—that’s what we’re here for!

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