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Kitchen Remodel with Island: Should You Do It?

As home design trends change, kitchen layouts have changed. Kitchens used to be like cramped closets stuffed with as many cabinets and shelves as possible. The modern kitchen is an open room with enough space for cooking and entertaining family and friends.

As people update their older homes, a kitchen remodel with island countertop space is becoming more popular. Including an island is an important decision when you remodel, as it completely reshapes the layout of a kitchen. Reach out to us to go over your options for kitchen remodeling in Lancaster from ALL Renovation & Design.

Benefits of Adding a Kitchen Island

Including an island in your kitchen remodel adds benefits that you may not know. The first thing to keep in mind during the design stage is the function of your island. Figuring out what you want your island to accomplish can bring character to your kitchen and provide you with features you didn’t realize you could have.

Create Additional Storage Space

An island is a fantastic place to hide extra things in your kitchen. Cabinets will usually be on one side, installed around any appliances you have, but you can put cabinets with doors around all sides to give you much more storage than you had before.

If opening up your floor plan removes cabinet space, consider adding some extra cabinets behind any seating areas on your island. If you are planning a minimalist kitchen, subtle white cabinets under the island’s countertop blend in and hide clutter!

Add Extra Seating

Adding a kitchen island can give you seating options that you didn’t have before. Most older homes do not have dining areas where you prepare food, so adding seating to your island can solve this problem.

With seating near the food-prep area, you can socialize with visitors or help kids with homework while you cook. It also serves as a great breakfast area in the morning, allowing easy clean-up.

Create A Focal Point for Your Kitchen

An island acts as the focal point for your kitchen. It ties the whole room together and is usually the first thing people notice when updating your kitchen.

If you are trying to do something different with your remodel, adding other materials to your island can add dimension and texture to your kitchen. An all-wood island with stainless steel appliances will make any kitchen look newer and break up monotonous colors.

Adding Value to Your Home

Whenever you update your house, you add value to it. Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most profitable updates you can do to your home because an up-to-date kitchen is something that people look for when buying a house. Also, the costs of any improvements you make to your kitchen add to the home’s value, meaning the update costs you nothing if you sell your house.

Drawbacks of a Kitchen Remodel with Island

An island is a significant part of kitchen remodels. With the addition of an island, the whole project becomes entirely different, presenting situations and issues that you should know.

Islands Take Up Space

While most newer homes have large, open floor plans, some older homes have more intricate, efficiently-designed layouts. Because of this, older kitchens tend to be smaller than newer ones. If you are planning to add one to your kitchen, you’ll need the space.

Usually, an island is around two feet wide, not including any overhang for the countertop. If you plan on having people sit there, you will need to account for more space for the people you want to sit.

If you’re going to add island features such as a sink, stovetop, dishwasher, or ice maker, they will take up even more space. All of these things that take up space also do not include the three feet on each you need to move around it.

Islands Cost Money

Some people don’t realize that an island is a costly addition. You are adding cabinets, countertops, and labor, which doesn’t include any hardware or appliances you plan to install there. Those appliances need hookups or power lines that might need to run from their original positions.

If you have to tear down a wall—which in older homes is almost a guaranteed expense—you’ll add the labor and materials necessary to change the footprint of your kitchen. With everything you change, you’re adding hundreds of dollars to an already expensive remodel.

Is a Kitchen Remodel with Island Worth It?

When you decide to remodel, adding an island to your kitchen is a worthwhile investment. While it is costly and provides a unique set of challenges to overcome, it adds value to your home and extra functionality to your kitchen. All Renovation & Design has the tools and expertise to help you remodel your house. Call (717) 665-0470 today for a consultation with the top kitchen and bathroom remodelers in the Lancaster area.

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