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Nelson Great Room & Master Bedroom Addition | Lititz, PA

This home addition didn’t go according to plan, and that’s a good thing. Here’s why.

Family is important to the Nelson’s. But the small kitchen and living room in their 30 plus-year-old home meant crowded holidays for their children and grandchildren. It was easy to see that a major home remodel was needed. The problem was the Nelson’s didn’t know anyone who had a great experience with a builder.

“My biggest fear,” remembered Mary Lou, “was that we didn’t know anyone who had a great experience with a builder. We had several friends tell us about disastrous relationships that they had, where the house was partially torn apart, and then the builders disappeared. This was such a huge endeavor for us and something that I’ve wanted to do for a really long time, and I was really nervous about making a bad choice, and having it turn into a disaster.”

At the York Home Show, they made contact with ALL Renovation & Design. “We had multiple people from the builder’s show come and meet with us,” said Mary Lou. “We felt that Amos was, by far, the one that really listened to what we were saying. As we were sitting down with Amos in the very beginning, and explaining why we wanted to do this, and how family was really important to us. I could tell that really registered with him.”

That’s how it started. But the project didn’t go according to plan. Why? Because Amos was constantly asking, “What would make you 100% satisfied.” And he meant it. For example, when Mrs. Nelson realized how much she liked the character of the existing brick chimney, she didn’t want to see it get covered up, so plans changed. Later, they realized that the brick wouldn’t fit with the plan for a stone fireplace in the new family room. So plans changed there as well, and brick was ordered to match the chimney.

It was truly a team effort that produced a beautiful home addition that is exactly what the Nelson’s wanted, or as Mrs. Nelson said, “…even better, more beautiful than we envisioned.”

For Christmas, the Nelson’s were able to have the entire family over with plenty of room for everyone, which is just what they wanted.

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