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4 Rooms You Should Renovate in 2024

Happy New Year!

As we start 2024, let’s begin with a clean slate—literally. What better way to get started with the new year than with a remodel job for your home? Down below are four rooms to begin thinking about renovating, with some great suggestions to get your mind thinking about your dream home.

rothwein kitchen renovation

Kitchens are a hot topic, and not just because there’s an oven in them! For many homes in Lancaster, PA, the kitchen is where the family connects and spends most of their time.

Take a moment to visualize your kitchen: what would you change about its status? Maybe you want to change the color or get new kitchen cabinets. Or maybe you’re looking to include smart technology or create places for concealed appliances. How crowded does your kitchen feel now, and do you want to expand the space of it? Is there enough natural light coming into the kitchen, if any?


We all feel differently about how the basement looks, whether it’s finished or unfinished. At some point or another we have all also thought about how to make this piece of the house one of the best for quality family time or bringing guests over.

If your basement is unfinished, this is the perfect blank canvas to make your dream house come to fruition. You can make the basement multi-functional that could include a game/tv area, a bar and kitchen, an enclosed laundry workspace, or even an office. You could also design the basement as an additional bedroom for guests or additional family members living with you. With your basement, the possibilities of design are endless!

Let’s face it: the bathroom typically needs a lot of help. Maybe you want to expand the space inside the bathroom or create a custom-built shower with beautiful tile and marble like we designed for our friends, the Weinbergs. You can also decide what colors and materials you’d want to include in the bathroom
renovation, too.

Or maybe you are thinking that you never want to wait to use the bathroom again. If that is the case, then an addition rather than renovation may be more your speed. Having a completely new bathroom is a great addition to be thinking of for your dream renovation.

dietrich outdoor hardscape landscape

It’s never too early to begin thinking about outdoor endeavors. Although it’s not technically a room, upgrading your outdoor living space can make it very appealing to both your family and guests to venture outside. It will also catch the eyes of anyone driving or walking by your home, and it’s always refreshing to come home to a beautifully designed exterior. From deck installations or remodels to designing beautiful hardscape upgrades, the outdoor living space can very quickly become your favorite part of your dream home.

Think about your backyard. Would you rather have an elegant pavilion or a handcrafted gazebo near your pool? Have you thought about garden designs that include mini waterfalls or maybe a retaining wall for that steep bank in your yard? Another popular renovation that makes “staycations” better
than some vacations is a beautiful outdoor kitchen, perfect for preparing and sharing meals for the outdoors.

No matter what you decide to remodel in your home, consider reaching out to ALL Renovation & Design for an individualized, sincere, efficient experience. Our team is lined with skilled carpenters, cabinetmakers and finishers to make your dream renovation a reality. The core values of our company (which include integrity, creativity, communication, courteousness, team commitment, and leadership in action) are displayed by all our employees. View our process and let us help you get started in this year’s renovations.


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